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Built on a magnificent site which dates from June 1854, the city of Noumea has, 150 years later, retained its colonial character and remarkable heritage, as the Faubourg-Blanchot or Vallée des Colons suburbs can attest.  The capital has a rich, inestimable biodiversity (mangroves, dry forest, coral islands), a population of some 100,000 inhabitants, a third of whom are under 19 years of age and Noumea is also New Caledonia’s main economic centre.  It contains a pyrometallurgical nickel treatment plant, a dynamic industrial and business zone and, of course, a port whose largely surplus trade figures reflect the importance of exporting « green gold ».

Tourism still has potential for overseas markets, by emphasising the charm of the French and South Pacific mix and stressing the exceptional quality of life which makes Noumea a city blessed by the gods.

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Discover Noumea

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