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A small « mountainous range »

Noumea is situated on a north-south peninsular about 10 kilometres long, which varies in width from 11.5kms (Tina point – Lestelle point) to 1.5kms (Baie de la Moselle to Baie de Sainte-Marie).  Its very  irregular coast measures around 120 kilometres of coastline, islands and islands.  Quite modest hills (50 to 60 m) run along two-thirds of the peninsular’s length.  This pseudo-range, which starts at Ouen Toro (131m) and travels by way of Mont Venus, Mont Coffyn and Sémaphore, divides the city into two sections:

The eastern side, including Motor Pool, Trianon and Faubourgh Blanchot, has the largest surface area but access to the sea is by an often rocky coastline.

The western side is much narrower and is often reclaimed land, with its coastline running from Anse Vata by the bays of Citrons, Pêcheurs, Orphelinat and Moselle.

North of the city centre, the hills become steeper, rising to a height of 167m at Mont Ravel and 116m at Mont Té.