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Here’s a small selection of places to explore around Noumea … there are just so many ...

  • La Place des Cocotiers - Coconut Square : the starting point for a stroll around the city centre, the area is a series of landscaped, open squares.  It’s best known for its Music Kiosk and the Céleste Fountain, the zero kilometre marker from where all distances are measured.
  • Moselle Market : don’t miss the market with its colourful, lively atmosphere, its fruit and tropical fish.
  • Saint Joseph’s Cathedral : its forecourt overlooks a large part of the city centre.  Its two bell towers are 25m high. 
  • The Old Temple : Boulevard Vauban, near the cathedral.  The Protestant place of worship, many concerts are held here, due to the building’s outstanding acoustics.
  • La Maison Célières – the Célières House : an example of the city’s rich colonial heritage.  Situated in Faubourg Blanchot, today it is the Maison du livre (House of Books).
  • Château Hagen : a magnificent house constructed in Vallée des Colons between 1889 and 1892, set in lovely parkland. 
  • Baie des Citrons - Lemon Bay : this beach is particularly good for swimming.  And in the evening, it becomes the “in” spot for Noumea’s young people.
  • Baie de l’Orphelinat - Orphanage Bay : from Mont Vénus, view the bay bathed in early morning, or watch the sun set behind the sailing boats at anchor.
  • Anse Vata : a long beach, a beautiful walk, a picnic area.  Don’t miss the amazing spectacle of windsurfers skimming across the water, propelled by the trade winds
  • Ouen-Toro Park : a paradise for walkers, joggers and paragliding enthusiasts.  A protected reserve, it shelters a section of dry forest and a population of sandalwood trees.  
  • Promenade Pierre Vernier : landscaped 4-kilometre route along the waterfront, for a pleasant and safe walk or an exercise route. 
  • Parc Zoologique et Forestier - Forest Park and Zoo : home to 600 animals and 126 plant species, 35 of which are endemic. 
  • The Tjibaou Cultural Centre : opened in 1998 on the Tina peninsular, it is dedicated to Kanak culture.  Exhibitions, shows, concerts and more.
  • L’île aux Canards - Duck Island : just 3 minutes from Anse Vata by taxiboat.  A real getaway, swim along the underwater trail.  There is also a botanical or art trail to discover.
Maison Célières at your fingertips


Using your smartphone or tablet, find out how the mansion was built, learn about the people who used to live here, explore the architectural details and plunge into the charms of a bygone era. A number of codes indicating points of interest are placed around the gardens and the interior of Maison Célières. Scan the codes during your visit to display information on your device.



Download the guide "Faubourg Heritage Trail"