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Noumea and its twins  

Why enter into a twin city arrangement?  

Today, twinning is above all about building relationships between two towns in different countries, relationships which are expressed through socio-cultural exchanges in which both the council and the population play important roles.

Student exchanges and sporting, association and cultural meetings form the solid foundations of a productive and beneficial partnership.

Three twin towns   

Noumea is twinned with three towns.  It signed its first twinning agreement in 1985, nearly 30 years ago, with Nice in France.  In 1995, Noumea began a close relationship with its Australian neighbour, the Gold Coast, then several years later, with Taupo, a town in New Zealand’s north island.

  • Twinning with Taupo 
  • Twinning with the Gold Coast
  • Twinning with Nice 

Noumea, capital of the French language in the region

In addition to twinning, Noumea enjoys close relationships, through the French language network, with islands in the region.  For 5 years now, New Caledonia, and Noumea in particular, has positioned itself as the “spearhead” of the French language in the Pacific.

Noumea, capital of the French language in the region