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The French Language in the Pacific    

Noumea: capital of the French language in the region 

For 5 years, New Caledonia and Noumea in particular, has positioned itself as the “spearhead” of the French language in the Pacific.  

The Pacific French Language Forum, held during the second six months of each year, is the sole regional meeting of its type.  Participating are all the Alliances Française in the Pacific, along with several from Japan and Asia.  Artists, writers, French illustrators all take part in this event, with which Vanuatu, a French-speaking state, is usually linked

A round table discussion regarding audio-visual issues on French language television programmes resulted in a site being created to discuss and share ideas between Australian, Vanuatan and French television.

Every two years, a French-language song is given pride of place in the public arena, thanks to “Fransoniques”, created as part of the Forum.  Several French artists such as Yves Duteil or Olivia Ruiz have come to Noumea as part of this initiative.

For its part, the government decided to create a task force to follow up on questions concerning the French language, a task awarded to Jean-Claude Briault, the Forum’s founder

In this way, on the basis of regional cooperation, the New Caledonian government supports to the French language in the Pacific by financing one-off operations as well as by helping several Alliances Française organisations.

Locally, the Alliance Champlain is a dynamic player in the French language.  Apart from the International French Language Week or organising the « Mot d’Or » (the Golden Word) competition, this association regularly hosts conferences and initiatives in support of the French language.