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Gold Coast, Australia (Queensland)


An Australian tourist mecca, the city of the Gold Coast has a surface area of 1,358km² and over 590,000 inhabitants.  Located along the Pacific Ocean coastline, some 60 kilometres from Brisbane, the Gold Coast has many natural and tourist attractions with its spectacular beaches and many theme parks.

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From left to right: Jean-Claude Briault, Ron Clarke, Jean Lèques, Lex Bell, Gary Baildon  and John Nixon, Noumea’s honorary ambassador to the Gold Coast and Taupo.

Twinning in action...

In 1992, Alexander James Bell, Mayor of the Gold Coast, and Jean Lèques, Mayor of Noumea, signed the first twinning agreement between the two cities.  Renewed three times, on the 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries, the twinning arrangement between the two Pacific communities has been strengthened over the years by economic, technical, educational, cultural and sporting exchanges.  .

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Exchanges with the Gold Coast    

Economic exchanges  

  • In 2009, the city of Noumea acquired a beach lookout tower thanks to advice from the Gold Coast Surf Lifesaving Club.
    Educational exchanges
    In 2012, a council delegation took part in the signing of a renewal agreement.  Also participating in this 20th Anniversary celebration were a group of Escoffier High School students, who were able to benefit from work experience in the Watermark Hotel’s training restaurant.
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