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Taupo, New Zealand (Waikato)


In the north island of New Zealand, Taupo is located opposite the lake of the same name.  At an altitude of 368 metres, the city has just over 34,000 inhabitants.  Renowned for its many hiking trails, cultural diversity and breathtaking volcanic scenery, Taupo is one of New Zealand’s main tourist centres. 

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Twinning in action …. 

A twinning agreement was signed firstly in Noumea on 8 March 1995, between Jean Lèques (Noumea) and Joan Williamson (Taupo) and then again in Taupo on 30 July 1996.

School exchanges, New Caledonia’s participation in meetings and performances in various cultural events (Taupo Festival of Arts in 1998 and 2011), participation in sports tournamentstravel under the City of Noumea’s « Sport Action » programme ... there are many opportunities to keep the twinning relationship thriving!

Did you know ?

When you walk along the pavements of Baie des Citrons and Anse Vata, or stroll around Place des Cocotiers (Coconut Square), you are walking on interlocking block paving supplied by the Stevenson Company in Taupo.

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Exchanges with Taupo  

Educational exchanges  

  • Since 2001, a twinning arrangement has been in place between the Collège de Normandie (Normandie Middle School) and Tauhara Collège
    Since 2009, annual exchanges have taken place between students of Collège Jean Mariotti (Jean Marriotti Middle School) and Taupo Intermediate School.  In 2013, these exchanges will be strengthened even more, by offering students the choice of staying on individually for up to three weeks (on a reciprocal basis)).  The Daniel Talon School initiated these exchanges and continues to participate in visits from our New Zealand neighbours.
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