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Noumea’s economy

Noumea’s history, mirroring that of New Caledonia, is closely linked to mining activity.  Since 1910, the Doniambo plant of the Société le Nickel (The Nickel Society) has seen the neighbourhoods of Noumea move progressively closer to Vallée-du-Tir, where the first employees of what the then-named Société des Hauts Fourneaux lived.

Noumea has a thriving economy, shared between industries and trade which flourish on the Ducos peninsular, the business and services sectors, with the recent creation of new business centres, and tourism, particularly maritime, which has seen strong growth due to the arrival of numerous cruise ships and the development of a dedicated cruise ship terminal.  The Building & Public Works sector is also in good health, a testimony to the robust nature of this industry.

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New Caledonia among the 20 richest countries in the world   

The economic wealth of New Caledonia, as shown by its per capita GDP, reflects the special position that the island holds within the South Pacific, the French Dominions and Territories and the world. With a per capita GDP of around 3.0 million F.CFP in 2008, New Caledonia ranks among the planet’s twenty richest countries, ahead of Australia and New Zealand.