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Sectors  of activity

New Caledonia’s gross domestic product in 2010 stood at 3,251 million Francs CFP per capita, placing it far ahead of its Pacific neighbours.

The industrial sector, with the nickel industry, is by far the largest employer.  The SLN (Société de Nickel – The Nickel Society), located in Doniambo at the gateway to Noumea, is a subsidiary of the Eramet Group and undoubtedly New Caledonia’s leading business.

The city’s growth has generated a number of property development projects, serving to boost the building sector.

Because of the urban environment, primary activities are less developed, however the Ducos peninsular is a base for a large network of industries and trades.  More than half of New Caledonia’s businesses are located in Noumea.
The Port of Noumea is home to buoyant activity in maritime and coastal trade, fishing and leisure sailing.

As for the service sector, Noumea has several major business and services centres.  Tourism plays an important role for the city, having provided more than 465,000 room nights for Noumea’s hotels in 2012.

We are also welcoming a growing number of cruise passengers, with 351,400 having disembarked in Nouméa in 2014 (which puts Nouméa in second place, behind Marseilles, on the list of French cruise ports).