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Neighbourhood Centres

What is a neighbourhood centre ?

A "neighbourhood centre" or central hub, is a place that brings together the main urban functions (living, working, learning, travelling, eating and drinking and having fun). There are three central hub levels :

  • City centre / central hub level 1 : a single geographical area bringing together the various urban functions including overall authority and facilities on a territorial scale. It matches up with the historic centre of the city, to a large extent.
  • Urban centre / central hub level 2 : including sporting, cultural, educational and leisure facilities able to attract the local population and users from various surrounding neighbourhoods. It is also an employment pool.
  • Neighbourhood centre / central hub level 3 : smaller scale and directed at the neighbourhood's needs. Its local facilities make it the focal point for neighbourhood life and social activities.

Why create them?  

Certain areas of Noumea are "dormitory districts". There is therefore a lack of facilities, shops and services, which is detrimental to the residents' quality of life and to the environment. In fact, Noumeans who live in residential districts which do not have their own centre have to make quite significant journeys to find certain services, which is a pollution factor. The Town Hall has therefore decided to build "neighbourhood centres" spread throughout the entire municipality to provide residents with a local service.

As part of the revision to the master urban plan, the PUD, the "neighbourhood centre" plan has identified areas that are liable to see an increase in the density of their housing, business activity and/or services, due to their strategic position and their already driving role in the country's development, in order to assist demographic growth in the community as best as possible.

What are the neighbourhoods concerned ?

The following neighbourhoods: Anse Vata, Kaméré, Rivière Salée, Sainte Marie, Magenta and Montravel