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A bit of history

Lying at the foot of Vallée des Colons, the Magenta neighbourhood partly faces the sea. Its name is said to be due to the extension to the whole sector, of the name given to a plot of land granted to one individual in 1859. It appears as such on an engineering map drawn up in 1871.

The Bourgoin property then grew and extended in whatever way its owners wished, as far as Boulari bay and the Portes de Fer. Its plain, called Unger, became the site of the first airfield where, in 1931, a large air show took place.

Urbanisation began in 1950. In 1971, the tower blocks of Magenta rose up on what was once the old Unger plain, now renamed Tonnelier. The first occupants took possession of the premises in 1973. The mangrove area bordering the end of Sainte-Marie bay was filled in, the neighbourhood continued to develop rapidly and, in particular, became home to a clinic that was later attached to the main hospital, the Centre Hospitalier Territorial (CHT). It is now served by an expressway.

Neighbourhood centre objectives

The executive's major concerns are to reduce the amount of substandard housing, renovate existing housing and build a real neighbourhood centre around the park to enable local residents, young and old alike, to find the social environment, facilities and services to which they aspire.

The main actions planned :

  • Create a public square
  • Set up a socio-cultural facility on municipal land next to Magenta post office (OPT).
  • Plan to open an aquatics centre to add to the sports facilities
  • Construction of Noumea's biggest wastewater treatment plant
  • Open a waste recycling depot