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Scenery and biodiversityVue aérienne de l'îlot Goéland

Noumea has 75 hectares of protected natural open spaces, 80 hectares of developed public parkland, nearly 20,000 trees, some thirty public squares and 25 children’s play parks.  The succession of bays is an invitation to enjoy a beautiful walk along the lagoon or to stop at one of the different beaches, perfect for a swim or for water activities.  With its seven hills, Noumea has many areas offering a lovely panoramic view of various neighbourhoods and the Great South region, plus the sunsets over the lagoon are breathtaking.

The city grew on a coastline composed mainly of mangroves, of which nearly 230 hectares have survived despite urbanisation and invasive species; nearly 230 hectares at Tina, Ouémo, Rivière-Salée, Sainte-Marie or Ducos.  Scattered throughout municipal land are areas of preserved dry forest, proof of the common commitment to conserve this other unique, fragile ecosystem. 

Nestled in beautiful surroundings, blessed by the gods, Noumea’s neighbours are idyllic small islands classed as protected reserves;  further out, but still accessible by boat, small sandbanks sprinkle the lagoon, flirting with the long coral reef barrier and offering up underwater depths of indescribable beauty. 

Rich in an exceptional biodiversity which remains under threat, the City of Noumea is responsible for its natural heritage.  It will continue to preserve and restore it, through cleaning operations, plantations or battling invasive species, but above all by constantly raising public awareness.  This is the only way that future generations will be able, in their turn, to protect a priceless treasure.