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Plages de Nouméa


  • Patrolled beaches

There is a lifeguard system in place on the beaches at Baie des Citrons and Château Royal from 09:30 to 17:30 every day from December to the end of February, during the school holidays in April, September and November and, in between those times, on any long weekends.

  • Swimming allowed

On the other beaches at Anse Vata, Magenta and Kuendu Beach, as well as on Îlot Maître, Île aux Canards and Îlot Amédée, swimming is allowed but there is no lifeguard. There are signs showing the emergency numbers to contact in the event of an incident or accident.

  • No swimming

N.B. For safety reasons, there is no swimming allowed at Anse Uaré west,  Gagarine, Sainte-Marie bay, on part of Tindu bay, part of the Château Royal pontoon (Château Royal beach), by the creek at Anse Vata and in front of the beach at the Côte Blanche marina.

  • In the event of injury or accident…

In the event of injury or accident within the 300 metre coastal strip of the city of Noumea and the islets under the municipality's authority (Sainte-Marie, Amédée, Canards, Maître, Goéland, Larégnère and Signal), recreational sailors may contact sea rescue HQ - PC Secours en Mer (16) or the fire brigade (18), who have a reconnaissance and rescue boat in operation 24 hours a day.

  • Water quality

The City of Noumea carries out analyses 1 to 2 times a week at swimming locations and sites of other water sports activities. These results are displayed on boards at the sites. 12 areas are monitored throughout the year, including 10 swimming and 2 water sports locations. New Caledonia's Department for Health and Welfare - the DASS - also carries out one bathing water quality analysis a month.

  • Disabled access

The access ramp at Baie des Citrons has been improved to enable wheelchair users with mobility difficulties to access the water easily at high tide. An access ramp has also been built on the beach at Anse Vata.


Plage de la baie des Citrons

Baie des Citrons beach

Details :

The pretty beach at Baie des Citrons is Noumea's busiest, offering good shade and shelter from the prevailing winds. Long-distance swimmers cross it from one point to the other. New rafts are put out on its calm water every summer, to the great enjoyment of young holiday-makers.
The access ramp to the beach has been improved to enable wheelchair users with mobility difficulties to access the water easily at high tide.
A lifeguard system is in place from 09:30 to 17:30 every day from December to the end of February, during the school holidays in April, September and November and, in between those times, on any long weekends. The swimming area which is marked out with yellow buoys, 300 m from the shore, is patrolled from the first aid post by two municipal lifeguards equipped with surveillance, rescue and resuscitation equipment. A jet ski is moored on site to enable a rapid response.

Follow the instructions indicated by the safety flags on the beach :

  • Green flag : swimming area patrolled by lifeguards, no specific danger
  • Orange flag : swimming area patrolled by lifeguards but conditions are dangerous
  • Red flag : no swimming allowed
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Plage du Château Royal

Plage du Château Royal

Descriptif :

Cette plage assez étroite, située autrefois devant le Club Med, aujourd’hui devant l’hôtel Château Royal, a conservé son appellation de la fin des années 60 : plage du Château Royal. Les habitudes sont dures à faire bouger ! On y accède par un petit escalier qui descend sur le côté nord de la plage, depuis le parking situé dans le grand virage de la promenade Roger-Laroque. Une plage idéale pour la baignade familiale, avec, assez proches du rivage, des patates de corail à inspecter masque sur les yeux.
Un dispositif de surveillance de la baignade est en place de 9 h 30 à 17 h 30 tous les jours, de décembre à fin février, pendant les vacances scolaires d’avril, de septembre et de novembre, et, entre celles-ci, durant tous les longs week-ends. Un poste de secours est installé sur la plage, avec deux nageurs sauveteurs de la commune équipés de matériel de surveillance, de sauvetage et de réanimation.
Sur le plan d’eau, des bouées balisent les zones de baignade et d’activités nautiques, lesquelles sont également indiquées sur des panneaux. Une moto marine est amarrée sur site pour les interventions rapides.

Respectez les consignes signalées par les drapeaux de baignade sur la plage :

  • Drapeau vert : baignade surveillée et absence de danger particulier
  • Drapeau orange : baignade surveillée mais dangereuse
  • Drapeau rouge : baignade interdite
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Plage de l’Anse Vata

Anse Vata Beach

Details :

Anse Vata beach starts at the creek of the same name, opposite the shopping mall, and stretches along the entire bay to Rocher à la Voile point. It is the city's largest beach. But as it is very exposed to the prevailing winds, it is used more by boardsports enthusiasts than by experienced swimmers. People come here more to relax, spend time with friends and to have a picnic, than to really swim. It is, on the other hand, the headquarters for windsurfers, the starting point for crossings to Île aux Canards (whether by water taxi, windsurfer or, once a year, by swimming in the annual official competition), as well as being the course for the traditional race of home-made floats and vessels, called the Régate des Touques.

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Plage de Magenta

Magenta Beach

Details :

In Magenta, along Rue Gervolino, on the road to the domestic airport, a beach and park have been developed with barbecue facilities, picnic tables and a pétanque pitch. At weekends, the grey sand beach attracts a large number of Noumean families. At low tide a broad section of the foreshore is left exposed. And when the trade wind blows, thrill-seeking windsurfers zip to and fro across the bays.

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Plage du Kuendu Beach

Kuendu Beach

Details :

Right at the tip of the Nouville peninsula, Kuendu cove offers an attractive, sandy beach with a pleasant and shady grassed area. This is a very popular spot with Noumeans and many come to spend their Saturdays or Sundays here. Although close to Noumea, it has the advantage of bringing a sense of calm and isolation in comparison with the big city. On the right of the beach, the Kuendu Beach hotel complex has long been established in this lovely cove. It has a restaurant and bungalows, some at ground level and others raised up over the water, on stilts, and offers various watersports activities.

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