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Front of the mansion (steps, porch, veranda)

Maison Célières : Front of the mansion (steps, porch, veranda)

From the mansion’s front veranda, the occupants enjoyed stunning views across the valley. Depending on how intimate they were with the family, visitors were received in different parts of the house: strangers were greeted at the gate, relatives were welcomed on the front veranda. The living room was reserved for only the most intimate of friends or family.

A double flight of steps leads up to the front porch and main door on the veranda level. During the restoration work, special care was taken with the façade which gives the house its distinctive character. The exposed stonework of the basement, the Mont-Dore bricks and the iron railings of the front steps were meticulously preserved. The Saint-André wood balustrades, the pediment with gently curved cornices and the brackets with quatrefoil detailing which crown the pillars all add to the harmonious grace of the house. The parquet floor of the veranda was originally constructed of pinewood and the ceiling of painted kauri wood.

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