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Le Marché de la Moselle - the Port Moselle Market  

The Port Moselle Market is open every morning, except Monday, from 5h to 11h30.

Located at Port Moselle, just a stroll from the Hôtel de la Province Sud – HQ for the South Province administration and the New Caledonia Government buildings, this covered Market is made up of five hexagonal pavillions topped with blue tiled roofs.  Fishermen anchor right by the Market to unload their freshly-caught fish.  Locally-grown fruits and vegetables and flowers, together with many other local produce and products can be found here.  The Market is also the central point for local craftspeople who display their many styles of fashion jewellery or decorations. 

It’s also one of the highlight on a tourist itinerary, especially at the weekend with its background of Pacific music.  Just about everyone in Noumea comes here, not only to buy fresh produce but also for the pleasure of meeting up and chatting together.

Come early on Saturdays and Sundays, so that you’ll be sure to find what you need and to fully enjoy its bustling atmosphere.

Plan du marché (map of market)

To know more

When you walk along the pavements in Baie des Citrons and Anse Vata, or stroll around Place des Cocotiers (Coconut Square), you are walking on interlocking block paving supplied by the Stevenson Company in Taupo.

A Market … on the move  

Some history

In 1859, a city ordinance designated two marketplaces in Noumea (at that time known as Port-de-France).  Fruit and vegetables were sold on the spot where the Public Treasury now stands; fish were sold from stands set up by the waterfront at the far end of rue Anatole France.  In 1885, the two markets were brought together in the centre of the city, where the Ateliers des femmes (women’s workshop) now stands.  The markets had to move during the War onto the site of today’s New Caledonia Museum, before returning to Place des Cocotiers in 1946.   However, the space became too cramped and so the city centre market was replaced in April 1991 by the current market at Baie de la Moselle.